Technology plays a decisive role in medical diagnostics. Progress in medicine contributes to the continuous improvement of medical equipment and methods of treatment, the use of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities that were unthinkable a couple of years ago.
One of the main principles of our activity is: We rely on what we see, carefully and thoroughly study the results of diagnostics, and therefore we constantly invest in the latest medical technology of the highest world level. The use of the latest medical technology allows us to recognize the manifestations of diseases at the earliest stages and precisely localize them. Thus, we have the opportunity to get more accurate results, and if necessary, to make targeted proposals for therapy.

Siemens CT Somatom-Defintion

One of our areas is the early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

We use the speed of this CT to take outstanding images of the coronary arteries.

Siemens Magnetom Amira

Tomla 1.5 Tesla MagnetomAmiraSiemensHealthcare is characterized by excellent image quality and high diagnostic speed.

Amira improves patient comfort by reducing test time and reducing sound pressure, while still providing excellent image quality.

What is the advantage of the tomograph Siemens Magnetom Amira?

We can offer our patients high quality MRI diagnostics with excellent image quality with a study time of 15 minutes.

Siemens Magnetom Vida

As a successful innovator, Siemens connected a magnetic field with a strength of 3 tesla, 70 cm diameter of an open cylinder, and Tim technology together into one powerful system – MAGNETOM Vida. This system helps us to obtain very high image quality, high speed and excellent clinical efficacy.

Today we are one of ten clinics in the world that uses MAGNETOM Vida from Siemens.MAGNETOM Vida provides the following unique diagnostic capabilities for our patients:
– diagnosis of neurological changes
– diagnosis of orthopedic diseases
– wider pipe diameter
– complex oncological body scanning: non-invasive method
– cardiac examination, providing information even on minor changes
– examination of blood vessels


Using ultrasound, we examine the heart, the thyroid gland, abdominal organs, and the condition of the neck vessels that supply blood to the brain.