One important reason is specialization.

One of the main activities of the diagnostic center Seneca Home Health is the diagnosis of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Sequential focusing on a few diseases allows for a high level of specialization. And cooperation with a large number of clinics, universities and medical specialists guarantees a constant increase in the level of scientific knowledge in our field of activity. Visit our european pharmacy to find best drugs.

50 doctors of specialists in the field of radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy are at your disposal for accurate diagnostics and treatment.


All our medical services meet the highest requirements and are subject to the strictest control. Regular certifications guarantee you an ever-increasing level of quality in our services.
New technologies

Technique plays a decisive role in medical diagnostics. Progress in medicine contributes to the continuous improvement of medical equipment and methods of treatment, the use of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities that were unthinkable a couple of years ago.
One of the main principles of our activity is: We rely on what we see, carefully and thoroughly study the results of diagnostics, and therefore we constantly invest in the latest medical technology of the highest world level. The use of the latest medical technology allows us to recognize the manifestations of diseases at the earliest stages and precisely localize them. Thus, we have the opportunity to get more accurate results, and if necessary, to make targeted proposals for therapy.

For MRI examinations, we use the most powerful tomograph of the whole body, Magnetom Vida from Siemens with innovative TIM technology and spectroscopy.

In addition, we use a Siemens SOMATOM computer tomograph with a dual tubular and dual energy system (Dual Source). Due to its high speed and detailed accuracy, it allows you to make accurate diagnoses of diseases of the coronary vessels of the heart (even in the case of a fast and irregularly beating heart).